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Disc brake Vespa Rally /
Sprint front

This brake is usually offered in exchange. That against a complete fork (WITHOUT fender, damper and spring) you get a disc brake fork.

worb5 vespa lambretta disc break vespa rally sprint front

This conversion does not work with Sprint GT forks. These are, of course, absolutely the same, but the axes of the swingarm are unfortunately not suitable. This kit includes:

- used fork
- Bremssattel Grimeca
- Brake disc Grimeca
- new shock absorbers
- new reinforced spring
- All bearings and Simmerrings new
- new tacho drive and tachowelle
- Conversion work on disc brake
worb5 vespa lambretta disc break vespa rally sprint front

The fork is supplied gray primed and pre-assembled and is virtually built-in.

If a fork is desired, we will build it within a few weeks. The exchange can then take place. We can also convert our own fork, if desired.

We are also happy to build the handlebars accordingly, so that a handbrake pump can be attached.
Lambretta front disc brake
In  order to achieve full braking performance even in the case of a  Lambretta, disc brake systems are assembled by us and some are extremely  modified.

worb5 vespa lambretta front disc break

Disc brake Vespa PX Pk front

worb5 vespa PX PK front disc break
Disc brake Vespa rear
A special optical taste is the disc brake for Vespa vehicle at the rear. A very elaborate but equally beautiful solution is the internal version.

worb5 vespa lambretta brake rear

Handlebar conversion for handbrake pump

worb5 vespa lambretta handlebar handbrake pump
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